Wednesday, July 30, 2008



If you have a contribution to add, simply go to the appropriate page and add your artist/song in the comments section.

I’ll pop on in now & again, look at the submission, and then add your song to the list.

To keep things tidy 'comments' will be culled periodically as well, so don’t take this personally.

You’ll see the ‘filing’ system works by the Artist Name first, and then the Song.

Alvin Lee = A

Bad Religion = B

The Flaming Lips = The

Science/Physics/Space songs and the like, are likely to be highlighted in blue.

Now some House-Keeping/Rules:

- I am not going to act as a moderator and get into semantics, nor interpretations of lyrics. You guys can battle that out amongst yourselves.

- This isn’t a perfect site, get over it, and let's not become embroiled in pedantics. Don't sweat the small stuff, like spelling mistakes etc.

- If there's any weeds in our mutual garden - let's root em' out together!

- Any flamers and religious wacko’s beware. I can track you IP address and will pursue infringers. Annoy someone else or find something else to do with your pent-up energy. Say masturbation.

- Humour is encouraged.

- Let's not get bogged down with Satanic crap, boorish rubbish from Scandinavian death mettlers, imbecilic lyrics from spotty faced high-schoolers, music made on PC's which just happen to have a relevant song title.

Stick strictly to the subject matter & be nice to one another.


UmmoSirius said...
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Jorge said...
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Dan said...

I really don't think audioslave qualifies; "show me how to live","in your house I log to be","light my way". This all sounds like born again talk to me. I think Chris Cornell found jebus

Anonymous said...

This blog makes me super happy, now I have to get listenin' to some music. :)


Agree Dan, Audioslave culled! Ta. Paul.

soulf2 said...

Great song list! I think Smile Empty Soul - Silhouettes deserves a mention.

Anonymous said...


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sara said...

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Why would anybody say it that way, you can easily get your point across in a polite and courteous way. Lets all just get a long.

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TumaGonx Zakkum said...

So.. mudvayne, sepultura/soulfly, otep, judas priest and such is not qualified?

They song isn't that satanic (probably otep) yet neither idiotic... please consider

Larro said...

May I make a suggestion?

It may be a good idea to update the publication date when you add content to the post. This way it will show up in any feed readers for people who have subscribed to this blog. Just a suggestion.

Thanks, Larro

sixtopia said...

"Ghosts" was originally done by Japan, though David Sylvian does play it solo sometimes. Also David is a Hindu, he even put a guru singing on one of his albums.
See this interview:

I believe his brother Steve Jansen is an atheist, though I can't find a link to prove it.

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Cory said...
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Cory said...

As Tall As Lions-In Case of Rapture
Death Cab for Cutie-St. Peter's Cathedral

Anonymous said...

Granted, I have not looked up the lyrics to confirm them but according to my recollection and Wikipedia -"VeggieTales is an American series of children's computer animated films featuring anthropomorphic vegetables in stories conveying moral themes based on Christianity."
Therefore, I do not think the 2 songs below qualify as atheist, freethinker, Bright, or pro-science...

Veggie Tales - God is Bigger Than the Boogieman
Veggie Tales - Jonah Was A Prophet

royorbs3 said...

Saw this band, Law in philadelphia once or twice, they were quite good and as i looked a little closer, they have several songs with atheistic/non-religious themes and a couple albums under their belt. 'Brain Probing Relativism' is a prime example of a free thinking, anti-religious, almost anthem. The chorus boasting 'so this fucking porno is your bible, well this life is mine.' This song, especially for its boldness and the quality of this band, should be added. Another song from the same EP entitled 'Of Monkeys and Man' is another great example of Law's music and has a darwinistic theme.

Unknown said...

I need some help with a crazy idea. I recently read an article about the surprisingly large amount of atheist music that exists. Your blog kind of proves it. It made me think that Apple needs to create an "Atheism" category on its iTunes music store. I created a Facebook page to help get this idea off the ground. Please, visit the page & like it. Time will tell if this happens...

Transcend said...

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